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We’re Married!

APRIL 30, 2016 + WINDER, GA

We want to thank everyone who played a part in our special day! From those who helped set up decorations to those who moved choir chairs last minute to those who brought generous presents to those who danced like nobody was watching, we are truly grateful and humbled by your love and support on such a memorable day.

We did our best to be present in each moment, but, no matter how hard you try, there are some that just slip away. That’s why we have loved looking back through the images our photographer, Chloé Giancola, provided us with when we returned from our honeymoon. We reminisced on sweet moments we shared, cherished our important ceremony, and laughed at many dance moves. We didn’t want to keep these to ourselves, so we decided to share photos with you!

We hope you enjoy looking through and these photos bring as big of smile to your face as they have ours. Thank you!


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Thank You!